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Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General, said “What we learn changes how we view the world and influences how we treat others.”

This process of learning is presently highly essential because the rate at which the world is experiencing violence, conflict, and bullying is disturbing. According to the United Nations Report on education (2023), less than two-thirds of Sub-Saharan Africans complete primary school, and according to UNICEF, only 61% of 6-11-year-olds in Nigeria attend primary school regularly. To give more perspective, with the ongoing civil wars globally, over 114 million people (United Nations, September 2023) are currently displaced, especially children who are more at risk.

Establishing these facts is not the bone of contention. The bone of contention goes back to the opening sentence about learning by Audrey. In light of this, The Sapphires Development Initiative in collaboration with African Peace Clubs commemorated the sixth International Day of Education with the EDU4PEACE NIGERIA project. The International Day of Education 2024 was themed LEARNING FOR LASTING PEACE. As an organization highly invested in achieving positive change through education, the Edu4Peace Nigeria project was aimed at inspiring and establishing a profound connection between education, personal development, and sustained peace for our beneficiaries.  

The Edu4Peace Nigeria cumulatively reached 7,656 beneficiaries in 7 states in Nigeria including Bauchi, Ekiti, Kwara, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo states. The grand plan of reaching the combined institutions for youths and children was a success. With 6,278 children and teenagers reached in 25 secondary schools and 1,378 young people reached in 9 tertiary institutions, the Edu4Peace Nigeria project achieved its main aim.

Major activities carried out during this project include, exposition on SDGs especially SDG 16, training on self esteem and UG 5, and meditation time. This curriculum ensured that students understood themselves first, their peers, and the world at large. Being peaceful within would, in extension, lead to a peaceful society which the world direly needs.

Notable highlights and feedback which showcased a good job done by our over 70 amiable facilitators can be seen below.

At Itamerin Comprehensive High School, Faith shared how low self-esteem had hindered her pursuit of becoming a doctor, emphasizing that self-limitation is a hurdle only she can overcome. Segun, expressing resilience, spoke of his aspirations as a footballer amid challenges in his immediate environment and societal stigma, affirming his commitment to pursuing his dreams despite adversities. Bisola eloquently articulated the connection between inner peace and universal love, transcending boundaries of country, race, and background.

At Trinity Comprehensive High School, the director of sports was so excited about the project because he studied international peace and conflict resolution in the university, and he has done several research on peace building. He was glad about the initiative brought by TSDI in introducing peace building among secondary school students.

Sunday from Samlak Group of Schools said he has learnt to perceive himself in the right way and not the wrong way that building his self-esteem has to do with building confidence.

Conclusively, the opinion that education and peace are two different concepts was debunked. Education is an all inclusive and all-encompassing tool for change and community development, and it does not exempt the concept of peace. It is important to reinforce this notion in more children and youths, not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

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