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ASUU STRIKE: How to maximize your stay at home Webinar Report

In the spirit of throwbacks, today, we remember the webinar organized by The Sapphires Development Initiative on the 15th of July, 2022 by 5p.m on zoom. The theme of the webinar was ASUU STRIKE: how to maximize your stay at home. The webinar was borne out of the indefinite strike action (5 months and counting) embarked on by the Academic Staff Union of Universities in Nigeria.

The event hosted about 80 people in attendance with 2 major speakers and a youth consultation session.

Miss Olusola Akanni speaking from the mental health aspect, explained the nitty-gritty of depression. It was alarming to discover that about 7 million Nigerians are depressed but live in denial about it. She explained the importance of having stable mental health to the students even at such a time as this. She also gave tips on how to overcome depression with things to do like engage yourself with activities of value, join self-discovery programs, and have a definite purpose amongst others. She also gave companies that could be reached out to in a case where one has more than one depressive symptom over a long period of time.

Mr. Binuyo Olutomiwa held the youth discussion forum where students made a lot of contributions as to the root causes, and solutions to the educational degeneration we face as a country. Concepts like culture, gender stereotypes, misappropriation of funds and no premium placed on education, etc. were mentioned as root causes for de-prioritization of education, poor International Corporation for education, and disrupted education. Meanwhile, solutions like reformed laws, inclusion, and standardized educational curriculums, were offered by the participants to curb these educational hazards.

Furthermore, to ensure that the students are not just aware of the problems, but are also included in changing the narratives, Mr. Olutomiwa shared opportunities and their platforms for these students to engage with and groom their potential. It is, after all, how to maximize your stay at home.

At The Sapphires Development Initiative, achieving quality education in the world is a major goal we are committed to. We believe that in educating one child, you educate a whole nation. Hence, our quick response to the devastatingly declining premium placed on education in Nigeria. An enlightening and educative program it was as over 95% of the participant’s poll responses recorded something being learned from the webinar.

Join us today to ensure that our voices are heard and many more children and youths are not just removed from the streets to the classrooms but are also enlightened on the importance of quality education. Besides, John Dewey said “Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself”

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  1. Omonike Mudasiru

    It was really insightful.Thank you TSDI???

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    Well done TSDI, this is great??

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    This is a great one! Well-done TSDI ?

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