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Gender Equality; More than a Goal

Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. it is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting #sustainabledevelopment, and building good #governance.

Everyone says #genderequality. However, is this really the reality of every society? Gender equality is a basic human right. No one gender should be treated as better than the other. Until this is seen as a priority in every society, then #sustainabledevelopment can be achieved in theory alone. 

The need to promote #genderequality in all sectors increases daily because it is paramount for growth. Ensuring the education and training of women and girls fosters the involvement and inclusion of people in #politics, #finances, #climate, #education, and the overall decision-making process of organizations and societies. This in extension, leads to a prosperous, educated economy where everyone sees themselves as key stakeholders of growth and development. 

The role of gender equality can never be overemphasized until it becomes a reality in every sector and every society of the world. This is why The Sapphires Development Initiative would constantly call for action to educate and train all including the female gender; as is seen with the STEM XX Nigeria project, the International Day of the Girl Child projects, and all other projects where empowering the female gender in rural areas is a priority. 
Join us in this cause to build a society where equal rights are given to all genders and no one is left behind. Become a tribe-mate via

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