Dan Shechtman said “Sustainable development requires human ingenuity. People are the most important resource.”

We cannot undermine the roles, importance, and efforts of humans in obtaining changes and achieving sustainable development. Achieving any sustainable development goal requires the input of the government, society, and institutions which are all made up of people. Every individual has a role to play.

Agreeable, that machines work faster, however, the creativity needed comes from us, humans. Institutions are made up of humans. There would be no institution without the input of people. There can be no change made by technology or machines without the input of a human. Humans are the masterminds behind every machine or technology ever built. Before a change is made, a lot of deliberations, research, collations, and collaborations must have been done by humans to check if it would be effective.


The modern world we see today started from an idea made by a person or people. The technology and modernization we speak of today started from their imagination. The change we desire including the SDGs put in place for a sustainable future as well are ideas that stemmed from humans.

This is a gentle reminder that the creativity and limitless imagination of humans can never be replaced by technology. Thus, capacity building and training for these ideas to be ceaseless is as important as the development/technology itself. Recognizing how important people are to the achievement of this change, pushes us at The Sapphires Development Initiative to constantly invest in human lives. This is our input in creating and implementing sustainable development.



The Sapphires development initiative would like to use this opportunity to appreciate all our partners and volunteers for their commitment and efforts towards achieving and actualizing our goals and ideas.

TSDI will continue to lend our voices and give our innovative ideas, and input to this course.

To make a magnificent change, we need to start from a little one and take them one step at a time. Partner/volunteer with us today and let’s create the future we all hope for.

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