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After the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27 (November 06-18), The Sapphires Development Initiative organized a webinar tagged: The Role of Youths in Tackling Climate Issues at The Grassroots. The webinar was held on the 26th of November, 2022 with over 60 participants in attendance. The webinar was aimed at not just sensitizing more youths about the dangers of climate change but to also emphasize that everyone especially the youths have major roles to play in preserving the earth.

Our panellists did a great job of breaking down major conclusions of the just concluded conference into relatable actions.  Catherine Korkor Akplah emphasized on adopting the use of reusable products so that the quantity of waste products would be reduced. She also explained how to identify reusable materials. Abdul Latif Khan explained that the involvement of government as essential but also the adoption of the topic “Climate” into various school curriculums.


One of the highlights of the event was the executive director of TSDI drawing everyone’s attention to the hypocrisy of climate activists especially the government. He drew our attention to how even the government who seem invested in solving climate crisis, are still engaging in activities that lead to an increase in CO2.

In response, the panellists especially Catherine and Abdul said the solution to this is acknowledging that social change and adaptation is not an instant process but a gradual one. Furthermore, youths need to continually sensitize themselves, and constantly think of innovative ways of producing climate friendly products rather than the use of more harmful procedures.


The webinar ended with the statement “Keep Hope Alive!!!”. With all hands on deck, and with more people being aware of climate change and it’s dangers, we can look forward to achieving a safe, secure and preserved nature.

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