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STEM XX Nigeria COP 27

COP27 is currently being held in Egypt and it really is everyone’s duty to help save the earth.
Now, the major questions include, what do you know about COP27? How can I really help?

The STEM XX Nigeria curriculum educates 100 schoolgirls to be all round sustainable advocates. Today, we commemorate the Gender Day at COP27 by educating these girls about the conference and their involvement in it. This is to ensure that no one is left behind in achieving a sustainable future.

You too can get insight about contributing your quota to preserving and safeguarding the earth. Afterall, it is just one earth!


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  1. Faith Akinyemi

    Providing young girls with the knowledge and skills needed is the best encouragement we need to explore our potentials. Thank you TSDI for the insightful write-up.

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