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The STEM XX Nigeria project, which was aimed at empowering 100 female secondary school girls to be drivers of change, started on October 17, 2022. With the project completed, this report is directed at sharing our experiences with all our partners, tribemates, and stakeholders.

To begin, some of the major achievements include girls’ established interest in STEM, SDG,¬†and ICT fields; increased stakeholder involvement; hands-on STEM experiences for girls;¬†and mini-project execution. Prior to the start of the project, the schoolgirls hardly knew what¬†SDG, STEM, and ICT stood for. Now, they can recognize the meanings and have a solid¬†understanding of these subjects, which has resulted in a desire to pursue professional¬†aspirations in these sectors. Also, the educational institution and the family institution, which¬†were once passive about gender equality, are now active participants and supporters of this¬†long-overdue change.

The mini-projects like the STEMposium, Trash2bin, End Period Poverty, and She-Imparts carried out by these girls proved their boldness and knowledge in these fields. It also gave them first-hand knowledge of how to be creative and how to apply what they had been taught over the course of the project.

What’s more? The intended results of the STEM XX Nigeria project were clearly achieved. This conclusion was drawn after tracking results were made. Two surveys were carried out during the course of this project across the 10 schools and for the 100 schoolgirls. The first was a baseline survey, which was done in order to determine the student’s knowledge, attitude, and perception on the different topics in the STEM XX Nigeria curriculum, including mental health, gender stereotypes, climate action, STEM, civic responsibilities, ICT, and SDGs. The results of this baseline survey showed that 90% of the girls had little to no knowledge of the subjects that were listed as being crucial to their overall education and career goals.

After the 8-week teaching period, an endline survey was also carried out. Records of tremendous and commendable improvements were made. 100% of the girls learned about the various schemes covered in the curriculum. This survey revealed that all the beneficiaries are more open to technologically inclined career goals. They understand what methods to take to be mentally stable. Their biases and stereotypic ideologies towards mental health and gender equality were debunked, and their commitment to  Sustainable development goals has drastically improved.


Speaking about a major part of the project, the mini-projects implementation, after the 100 schoolgirls intensive 8-week training, the girls came up with ideas for a mini-project. The mini-projects carried out include Stemposium, End Period Poverty, Trash2Bin, and She Impart. These projects had their own unique ideas. The STEMposium focused on piquing the interest of other female students in their school through the use of discussion, hands-on experiences, and applicable STEM practical sessions. STEMXX beneficiaries, who reached out to 400 female students, believed that a fun STEM classroom would help to build their peers interest and confidence. 

With more than 200 students in 2 rural schools, She-Impart featured three round table discussions with STEMXX beneficiaries talking about different topics from the learning manual. During the sensitization on climate action and environmental management, 10 waste bins were made from used plastic bottles by the STEMXX beneficiaries in the Trash2Bin project. Furthermore, 80 students were enlightened on climate action. End Period Poverty witnessed the making of reusable pads and awareness campaigns on period stigma in the community. 60 reusable pads were shared with the students and teachers of the school involved.


End Period Poverty (EPP)



To conclude, sustainability is an essential part of development. There is no progress if there is no plan to sustain whatever development was achieved. Having understood this clearly, two major steps to ensure the lasting impact of the STEM XX Nigeria project include: strengthening of existing jet clubs in the 10 schools to include the beneficiaries and the STEM XX curriculum; and regular follow-up by The Sapphires Development Initiative team to help monitor the progress and trajectory of these girls in their academics and careers.

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  1. Odunayo

    Weldone TSDI

  2. Faith Oluwawemimo Akinyemi

    What a job well done! It’s so exciting seeing the girls practise the knowledge they have gained. Thank you TSDI. Much more impacts!

  3. Ayomikun Orobiyi

    This is amazing TSDI, seeing the girls go from no knowledge about STEM to implementing STEMposium and other projects shows that STEM XX has changed and transformed lives. Thank you for making this great impact in the lives of these young girls, this is an huge contribution to the society. Cheers to positive impact!

  4. Adeola Oyewole

    This is indeed an amazing project that has impacted lives positively. Welldone TSDI.

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