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World Clean Up Day 2022

Over 60 million volunteers in over 181 countries contributed to creating a sustainable earth by cleaning their environment on World Clean Up Day 2022. As an organization that advocates for the best environmental practices, The Sapphires Development Initiative, was opportuned to have her volunteers contribute to this initiative of changing the initial narrative of an endangered earth to a sustainable one. The World Clean Up Day, which started about four years ago is coordinated by a global organization called Let’s Do It World(LDIW) and has been an annual event every september since then.

Taking into account the World Clean-Up Day 2022, volunteers of The Sapphires Development Initiative organized a cleanup exercise on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at Yeni Kordon, Merkez, Çanakkale, Turkey. The clean up exercise which lasted for about 2 hours involved activities like picking up refuse, litters and ensuring these refuse were recycled afterwards.

Furthermore, there was a mini sensitization content drawn up to inform people around on the dangers of an unsafe, unhealthy environment especially for children.


The theme of this year’s event being “this is the only home we have” points towards concrete sectors of the society. Very often, people, civil societies, private and government agencies forget how important it is to create, implement and educate on policies that ensure a sustainable environment. The exercise aimed to remind not just citizens of Turkey but the entire world populace of the risks associated with unhealthy spaces especially for children who are the future!

Educating the public on the dangers of one and the benefits of having a safe environment as well as creating and implementing best environmental practices would be a win for all. We therefore, urge all arms of the society to intentionally be invested in safeguarding the earth as THIS IS THE ONLY HOME WE HAVE!

On a final note, TSDI appreciates the efforts of Ebunoluwa Fagbenro (facilitator), Nurhadi Nurhadi (volunteer), Meral Yusein (volunteer), Braa Alelwei (volunteer), Aya Jaber (volunteer) who are all international students from Çanakkale onsekiz Mart University in the organization of the World Clean Up Day 2022 exercise in Turkey.

Clean up the earth! Save the Planet!

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  1. Ebunoluwa Fagbenro

    This is the only home we have!!!
    Amazing!!!! I am really glad to be part of this activity.
    Thank you TSDI for this platform!!

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